How to change your Direct Deposit Bank Account In QuickBooks?

This article, give information about how to change your Direct Deposit bank account in QuickBooks. If you are using the QuickBooks desktop Payroll Basic, Standard or Enhanced with Direct Deposit, you can modify your bank account from which your direct deposit payroll funds are withdrawn.

To perform the processes below, you need the following:

  • Your existing Intuit Account.
  • The Direct Deposit PIN you use to send payroll.

If you have any problem about the QuickBooks Desktop dial the QuickBooks support number 1-844-551-9757. 

Set up and modernize the bank account in QuickBooks:

  • Create a new account in the Quickbooks Desktop Chat of Account if you haven’t account in already in Quickbooks Desktop.
  • First, choose all the List>Chart of Account 
  • Next, select the Accounts button and choose New.
  • Next, Choose Bank and click continue.
  • Then, fill your bank account information.
  • Next   Click Save and Close save your changes.
  • Update the bank account information in QuickBooks Account Maintenance page
  • Go to Employees> My Payroll Service>Accounts/Billing Information.
  •  Sign in using your Intuit Account login.
  • In the Direct Deposit section, select on any of the Bank Account details.
  • Select OK on the message that appears.
  • Enter your payroll PIN and select submit.
  • Fill the new bank statement details and click submit.
  • While the confirmation code is coming to wait after that click continues.
  • Intuit will send two test debits to your new bank. It may take the time for two days banking days for the test debits to post on your bank declaration. You will require to finished the steps in the section below to activate your new bank account before sending your Direct Deposit payroll.
  • Select the bank account where QB Desktop should post transactions returned by the Intuit service.
  • It is important that the bank account(Chart of Accounts) where direct paychecks and fees will post to is modernized when doing a bank account modify.
    • First, from Employees on the top menu, click Send Payroll Data.
    • Next On the Send/Receive Data window, select Preferences.
    • Then, On the Account Preferences window, select the new bank account from the drop-down list.
    • Next  OK to save your changes. Select Close on the Send/Receive Data window.

Note: If you do not want to modify the Quickbooks Desktop, you need  to the choice  Download the form and use for the via fax(877.699.8996) or email ([email protected]).you need to activate the the new account of Quickbooks Desktop when you have not bank verification and activation step, that time If you need to pay your employees, you will require issuing paper checks.

Activate your new Direct Deposit bank account:

  • One or days after. check the bank statement and create a note of the two small one-time withdraw made by  QuickBooks Payroll Service.
  • Enter these 2 test debits in the QuickBooks Account Maintenance page. See steps below:
    • Follow  Employees> My Payroll Service>Account/Billing Information.
    • Sign in using your Intuit Account login.
    • Choose the Verify link next to your Direct Deposit bank account information.
    • Fill the 2 test debit amounts to verify your new bank account.
    • Enter and confirm your payroll PIN.
    • Select Submit.

Follow the reference link  Direct Deposit Bank Account  

If you have Question About the QuickBooks enterprise helpline number is here +1-877-715-0222.