Download QuickBooks Update On Multiple Computers

What does QuickBooks update mean? and How to Download QuickBooks Update on multiple computers? Intuit is releasing a patch for Quickbooks programs. This is their way of enhancing the product version. This can include new feature, service or maintenance release. Quickbooks is initially configured to download updates automatically unless you turn off the automatic update.

Download updates from inside QuickBooks:

All QuickBooks Pro or Premier user on your network must complete the following steps:

  • First of all, Open the shared company file.
  • Next, Click on the Help menu and choose Update QuickBooks.
  • Click on the Options tab.
  • Set the Share Download option to Yes.
  • Click Save.

Once you have completed these steps/updates that are downloaded, will be distributed to all the users.

Note: When you go to the Share Download option, QuickBooks downloads updates to the same location as the company file.

Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release:

There are two methods to download and install updates on your QuickBooks Desktop. You can use either:

  • Manual Updates
  • Automatic Updates

Download and install QuickBooks updates:

Updating to a new QB release sometimes needs to make minor changes in the database. These changes will not make the data file incompatible with earlier releases.

Manual update:

1: Download from the Internet

2: From within QuickBooks Desktop

3: Critical Fixes (ULIP)

Automatic update:

1: Download and install automatic update NOW

2: Download automatically in the future

Note: To update Quickbooks Database Server Manager, see Install, Update and Setup the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

How to update QuickBooks on multiple computers while only one computer has Internet access?

It is possible to share updates between computers in your network, though certain tasks must be completed.

Check the following requirements given below in ascending order:

  • The computer with Internet access must have a minimum connection speed of 28.8 kbps.
  • The users must have to access the directory where updates are downloaded. You’ll have to make sure that your computer must be properly networked. Please refer to your networking software documentation for instructions.

Note: Due to the complexity and variety of available network systems, we are unable to provide support for setting up your network. If you need assistance, check with your system or network administrator (if you have one), the supplier who set up the network, or a local computer consultant.

  • Make sure that each user in your multi-user environment has a unique copy of QuickBooks Pro or Accountant. To purchase additional copies of QuickBooks Pro or Accountant, visit your local retailer or buy online.
  • Configure each computer to share files across the network. Please refer to Microsoft® Windows® Help for documentation on sharing files.

All the users in your multi-user environment must complete the following steps to enable the sharing of downloaded updates. Once everyone has completed these steps, the computer with Internet access can download a QuickBooks update, and the downloaded information will update each copy of QuickBooks.

To turn on Share Download:

  1. Open the same QuickBooks data file on each computer.
  2. From the QuickBooks Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.
  3. Click the Options tab. Check the Download Location here. It must be the same for each computer in the network.
  4. Select Yes for Share Download.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 on all the computers using QuickBooks in your network.

Note: When you turn on Share Download, QuickBooks downloads updates to the same location where the shared company data file resides.

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