How to Use Social Media to Boost Email Subscribers in WordPress

Useful Ways to use Social Media to Boost Email Subscribers in WordPress

Do you need social media sites to expand the chances of promoting your WordPress website? If you are not using social media sites to promote your website, then you are missing a great opportunity which can expand your work or business. In this article we will assist you on how to use social media sites to spread your business.

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Difference between Email Promoting and Social Media

Many users want to know that which one is better between email publishing or social media sharing. They both have different functioning in their fields. But social media sharing is much better compare to email promoting. Because social media has a broad network which provides users a great facility to promote their website a also to spread it over a million of users. But email promoting activity doesn’t do this, it only sends it to a countable number of users.

Methods to Boost Email Subscribers

Below are the top methodologies by which you can enable more subscribers: 

  • Collect Email Addresses From Your Facebook Page: If you have a successful Facebook page then you have a number of users who have already subscribed your page. Then, first of all thing is to collect number of user’s email for subscribing method.
  • Use Facebook Re-targeting /Re-marketing Terminology: You have noticed many times that when you visit any website then you see ads related to their websites to your Facebook page. This criteria is known as Facebook re-targeting or re-marketing functionality. Facebook mainly use a browser cookie which is sent to your visitors, so that Facebook can recognize them. After your website visitor leave the page and g on Facebook, they will see your ads tagged on their Facebook ID’s.
  • Use Facebook Ads to Promote Pages with Special Offers: You can also add some interesting feature to your ads to promote them. So, by creating useful ads it chances highly to increase the capability of your website promotion.
  • Add Links to Your Signup Pages in Youtube Videos: If you are running a youtube channel then it impacts high for your website to increase its scope. You can add exciting offers and promotional ads into your youtube page to promote it.
  • Run Twitter Ad Campaign: Twitter ads is the another chance to spread your website’s info to increase popularity in public and to gain something. Twitter also allows you to generate ad campaign in the user’s tweet stream. By using this way users can signup your email list without leaving twitter. You can also use twitter Ads to drive traffic to your website page.

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